The Story So Far

“That counts as a suicide”

I Thadius T. Thatcher have decided in my infinite cosmic wisdom to scribe a now ancient but little known tale of a group of adventurers who did on the plane of Markarth, in the last ages of the setting sun empire set out to retrieve the Annals of Anor Londo. Beside this declaration, I shall endeavor to leave this tale as I found it.

The adventure of the Merry Band of Misfits began with their arrival in the largely abandoned town of lakes edge. In the Glory days of the empire the town sat upon a major trade route between the now called Frozen Capital and the Silver-City. However, time and toil did what they do, and by the time the crew arrived only three buildings remained of the town, a sheriff’s station, a bar, and a small shop.

Our Heroes Adventurers were instructed to wait for a one Davros Beauregard , and passed the time in the Bar. However, restlessness did strike them and a contingent of them went off to seek the sheriff which one had met earlier and described as unwelcoming. It was the Sorcerer (Insert name here) that committed what was to me a long list of acts most unwise. Learning of the sheriff’s loss, the sorcerer did cast a ghost sound mimicking a woman that made the poor man, who was drunk as the day is long, to rise seeking his beloved, and due to his intoxication, and poor luck he did fall upon his sword, which the witch of the group did confirm.

The group then stumbled through a series of mishaps from attempting to haphazardly dispose of the sheriff’s corpse, to attempting to frame a group of traveling merchants for the deed. It was at this point that in walked a spider.

Davros arrived having watched the group for sometime and finding them lacking, but nonetheless, offered some assistance to them, and promised to explain all. The group co-opted a local hunter’s vessel, arrived on the island in the middle of the lake, cleared it of hostile creatures and awaited Davros.

“I hope we don’t make a habit of this”

In an effort to stockpile provisions the group set off to a nearby town with more resources than lakes edge. They found upon their return, the town raised save the lonely farm house not part of the town proper. The half-couple split of temporarily to visit a dying mutual friend and rejoined the group later.

Their travels led them to Xenophobic town under the thumb of a lawful war-god’s clerical followers. The God Bal was headed by a high cleric Bal-Tenas who despised all who were not of his god. He ruled the town under the golden spear his god’s holy symbol. The official leader of the town Fent Beltar the 3rd was a weak willed and overly fat nobleman from a once proud line. After some shenanigans after dark, the group was, along with all other merchants and travelers kicked out of town. However, they were successful at recovering some supplies and headed deep into the north, where they met a mysterious hooded figure heading south, who warned them to stay away from the frozen kingdom.

“Damn it’s cold”

The completed party discovered the mountain cave that stood as an entrance to the great frozen kingdom. After facing the elements and the undead found themselves in an ancient library. Soon they discovered the Annals of Anor Londo, but in taking the book from it’s magical case opened themselves to the wrath of the Frozen Queen Herself.

“F%#$ Bowie!”

After narrowly escaping death, and playing a distraction to the Lady-Lich of the north, the crew discovers Davros’ trick. Leaving them without supply, stranded outside the frozen kingdom, Davros denies them payment, and absconds with the stolen Annals.

By chance, the resident dwarf stumbled upon a slate book, that gave the group a foothold to strike out and the group struck out to the Hamlet called Thorpe. There they met, the a cast of characters, most notable of them being the Mayor.

The Group went to seek out the leatherworker’s guild which had absconded to a well known ruin, the group ventured inside and after facing a contingent of monsters most noteable, angered a Young Black dragon by attacking (or more accurately spraying) his minions. The group pushed through an underground river and came up somewhere outside town, where they met a sleepy owlbear who took an intense fascination with The Witch.

Arriving back in town the group realized that their Wizard friend had gone off to seek his fortune elsewhere, and in his absence began a series of incredibly poor decisions.

“Oh yeah I’ll roll sense motive later”

On the path to a slaver’s town, the group ran into a peasant who had upon him far too much money than a peasant might have. The Truth came to light when the Demi-god Daxos revealed himself and rewarded some of the players. Seeking the capital the group bought a ship and in the process of Finding a crew ran into Jhin-Gital, the necromancer.

By chance, or it as it would later be revealed the machinations of a “benefactor”, a group of identical quadruplet elves joined our heroes, and upon their first few meals drugged and left the whole of them on an island.

After a few brief jaunts into a Desecrated temple of Wode the group decided to poke around the island. For a brief time they were joined by a druid and a ranger, but both saw the chaos in the hearts of the group and left soon after. The cleric of Sylvana apparently did not get this same memo, and instead he and his dire rat, headed into the fray.

After dealing with the local wildlife and undead, the group was again visited by Davros, who paid the group for their previous adventure, and explained the nature of the situation he was in.

Balthasar, Davros’ employer, was possessed it seems by the most powerful lord of the bone devils, and Davros Sought to free his possessed friend. He tasked the group with delivering a message to the head of the Dragon Slayers Guild. Metarious Unum.

With the Aid of the Spymaster the group returned to the mainland, a land quite changed.

“how bad could they be?”

The group returned to Slaver’s bay only to find it Transformed into the town of Freedom Point. Freedom might however be an overstatement as the whole of the north of the setting sun had been taken over by a religious army that seemingly sprung from nothing.

After stocking up on provisions, and a certain dwarf ending up in the stocks, the group moved on from the town, towards the Capital seeking Metarious Unum, the head of the dragon slayers guild and Davros’ contact. The group however, found a huge cast iron wall stood in their way, and quickly gave up on trying to contact Metarious.

A tale of two dragons

After letting the cast iron wall foil their plans, the group decided to regroup in the hamlet of Thorpe, but upon arrival, and a brief encounter in a cave, the group found the once grand adventuring town was nothing but a burnt out husk. The leader of the Town invited them to the basement, and explained a few points.

  • Davros, the Mayor, Metarious, and Balthasar all were adventurers, part of a crew who called themselves, the sleeping dragons. After defeating Bal, The lord of bone Devils, the crew disbanded, Secretly, Bal had possessed the wizard of the group Balthasar.
  • The Iron God, is actually the recently resurrected enemy of Bal, A devil of Iron.
  • An ancient Civilization worked to prevent these two beings from coming to the mortal realm, but all that remains of them is a long forgotten tomb in the swamp Called the tomb of the Five Kings.

The group was soon after beset with* ashen zombies* who after being disturbed by an Ashen Storm were readily attempting to consume the party. Luckily, the Dragon Fuccoff had been watching the group for sometime, and saved them. He invited them to his home in the swamps of the shallow seas. The group headed east into the shallow seas. An encounter with a leech, and two inept guards later led them to the town of Swampgas.

After a series of misadventures, mysteries, and run ins with the local thieves guild the group hired a skiff to take them to the tomb. By chance, and not wanting to irk their savior the group approached the lair of Fuccoff only to be greeted by his mother, who was displeased with Fucc’s rather flippant disregard for her edicts. By chance a certain member ,who shall not be named, mentioned the nature of the group’s quest, and the Dragon queen of the swampy realm decided to take a keen interest in the group’s acquisition of the the artifacts in question.

The Story So Far

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